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Sildenafil citrate recreational useSildenafil Citrate, better known under the brand name Viagra, is one of the most popular and well-promoted medicines to fight erectile dysfunction and enhance performance during a sexual intercourse. However, its great ability to improve endurance in bed and quality of erection attracts not only men with the medical problem but also healthy men who just want to be on the safe side or would like to impress their partners. So, recreational use of the drug is not a rare case.

What Attracts Customers

Sildenafil Citrate is a PDE-5 selective inhibitor which works as a vasodilator by relaxing smooth muscles including blood vessels and, thus, improving the blood flow. This function helps to deliver more blood to the penis when sexual stimulation is present and improve hardness and duration of an erection independent of erectile dysfunction issues. However, being initially designed as a cardiovascular drug, sildenafil citrate improves the blood flow to other muscles as well, especially the lungs. It is what makes athletes use sildenafil citrate in bodybuilding because the more oxygen they get, the more productive training they have. Also, the drug widens vessels in the muscles and allows lifting more weights for a longer period of time.

Another advantage of the drug is its availability both in brand and generic versions, and while the first option is rather pricey, generic medicines are widely available in online pharmacies and have low prices and a wide range of forms and strengths. Although sildenafil citrate is a controlled drug and most likely your doctor will refuse to prescribe it, if there are no symptoms of ED, which makes it impossible to buy the drug in conventional pharmacies, online drugstores kindly deliver it to your doorstep. As for generic Viagra effects, now most of the alternatives to the original one manufactured by Pfizer work just as well, it is important to check the list of side effects and contraindications together with dosage recommendations, as they might differ depending on the medicine supportive components.

Another beneficial factor about the medicine is its inability to develop physical dependence, so the moment you decide not to take it you will not experience withdrawal effect. And in addition, you don’t have to keep to a diet as it is possible to take sildenafil citrate with food as well as without it.

What Are The Risks?

However, it is necessary to remember about risks of taking sildenafil citrate on a recreational basis:

  • It might cause psychological addiction which means it might become difficult to get an erection without taking a pill;
  • There is a risk of unpleasant side effects, especially when the medicine is taken with alcohol, that vary from light dizziness to severe allergic reaction or crucial hypertension if you take sildenafil citrate despite all the contraindications or if you extend the allowed daily dosage;
  • If you prefer generic drugs, you might come across a low-quality product which can result in the absence of effect or lead to really bad adverse reactions, so it is better to choose reliable suppliers which check the quality of generic drugs responsibly.

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