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Sildenafil citrate generic priceAccording to the world statistics, Sildenafil Citrate is the most demanded and appreciated erectile dysfunction treatment. The brand name of the medication is Viagra, though its high and unreasonable cost makes it less appreciated in recent years. Instead, an increasing number of people are involved in online shopping for generic ED drugs. Sildalis, Penegra, Malegra, Nuzagara and many other names of generic Sildenafil are currently known and available on the pharmaceutical market.

The main feature that unites all these treatments is Sildenafil Citrate as an active component. Due to the powerful composition and unique supplementary ingredients, the drugs guarantee top effects by stimulating blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels in order to trigger an enhanced blood flow to the penile area, stimulating a dependable and top-notch erection.

Difference between Sildenafil Citrate Generic Price and Brand One

While the mechanism of action remains identical in both brand and generic Sildenafil Citrate, the cost differs greatly. While traditional Viagra is rather expensive due to the number of brand-related expenses, generic Sildenafil is available at a cost that is several times lower, as it is produced by non-brand manufacturers. Therefore, such erectile dysfunction treatments cost less, while the effects remain the same.

Sildenafil citrate over-the-counterProduced mainly in India, generic Sildenafil Citrate-containing impotence remedies are characterized by undeniable quality and high safety levels. Similar to brand counterparts, OTC medications are not approved for patients under 18 years old, as well as the ones, who are allergic to Sildenafil or similar ingredients. An individual dose adjustment may be necessary for patients, who are diagnosed with serious accompanying or underlying health problems, such as kidney or liver impairments, heart-related problems, retinitis pigmentosa, ulcerative colitis, abnormal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, etc.

How to Purchase Sildenafil Citrate Over-the-Counter

The beneficial impotence treatment is offered mainly without a prescription, which makes your task even easier. To get a quality and immediate erectile dysfunction treatment, you just need to make a few clicks and obtain the desired item. Instant effect of Silagra, beneficial Penegra tablet price in India and other conveniences available with online shopping for pharmaceuticals will contribute greatly to your choice.

The only complicated task at this point is finding a dependable and trustworthy distributor, who will provide top-quality India-produced generic Sildenafil Citrate at the best cost and with minimal risks.

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